Not Having Eastwood In The Team Has Been A Disappointment - Baker

Last updated : 13 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City midfielder Carl Baker has said that not having Freddy Eastwood in the team has been a disappointment. 

Speaking to the CT’s Alan Poole at the club’s weekly press conference, Baker said about Eastwood who has scored only eighteen goals in the time he has been at the club: Freddy’s a big player for us and it’s been one of the most disappointing parts of the season not having him on the pitch.

“He scored a couple of goals in a friendly the other day and out of all the players here he probably scores the most in training because he’s a great finisher. 

“He’s sharp and clever around the box and he’s been like that all through his career but I think there are other things he needs to work on – his fitness levels and stuff. 

"The gaffer won’t play anybody who’s not fit and who’s going to let the lads down. 

“I personally don’t know what’s been said between them but if the gaffer has told Freddy he wants him to get fitter or lose weight or whatever I think he’s got to go away, have a look at himself a little bit, take on board what the gaffer has said and do everything he can to get a job on the pitch. 

“If the gaffer tells you that you’re not going to play until you’re fit enough or lose a certain amount of weight then, for me, he should go away and maybe train on his own, do extra bits. 

"Then he can go back to the gaffer and say ‘these are my stats; I’m such-and-such a weight that you wanted so now play me.’ 

"That’s what I would do but I don’t know what Freddy’s mindset is, what he’s thinking. 

"But everybody loves Freddy because he’s a great lad to have around. 

"He’s one of the main lads in the dressing room so the sooner we get him back on the pitch the better.”