My Highlight Was Winning Over The City Fans - Turner

Last updated : 04 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Ben Turner has said that the highlight of his time playing for Coventry City was winning over the City support last season.

The centre half, who joined Cardiff City on Wednesday for a fee of £750k, was part of a City's U18's team which won their Academy League division in 2006, only to lose in the final at Blackburn Rovers but did not collect any more silverware at the club. 

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner about his time at the club, Turner said: "The overall highlight is that by the end of my time at the club I have proved my worth.

"You are never going to prove yourself to everyone because not everyone is going to take to a player unless you are Lionel Messi or someone.

"But hopefully I showed the fans I am a player worth his shirt and got the majority of fans on my side last season.

"That was my biggest achievement really because you play for the fans and they are the people whose opinions you want to win over ultimately."

"In terms of games, the stand out ones are the win at Manchester United and at Blackburn Rovers in the cups - that was brilliant - and then my first goal at home was fantastic because I had waited a while for it."