More Interest In Coventry City

Last updated : 17 January 2017 By CNS Sport

The latest person to say they are in interested in owning Coventry City has put their head above the parapet.

Jas Jaspal is the latest and told the Coventry Telegraph:  “I’m a local guy, I used to have a box at Highfield Road, and I’m a big supporter of Coventry.

“I own Oakwood Financial Advisors. We used to be a 60-strong company, I’ve made it a much smaller company. My interest is mainly in property and we are based by the cathedral.

“My original background was at Peugeot and I moved into financial services.

“We have experience in investments and we deal with all sorts of funds. Form that point of view I have an understanding of what Sisu are about.

“I have got three former Premiership footballers who are also ex-England internationals.

“They’ve all played at Highfield Road against Coventry and they’re all successful guys.

“Coventry is a club waiting to happen with investment. There are doors out there to be knocked, but you can’t start knocking on potential investors’ doors until you have something firm to offer them.

“Certainly, in terms of profile, I know we could do a good job.

“I welcome the comments from Simon Jordan. There’s another person looking to be part of a consortium. We would be happy to have some dialogue with him if something were to come out of this.”

“This is about finding a way to stabilise the club without any real winners and losers and to try and get the club back on track.

“We would not be talking millions. We’re talking profile and the PR they would bring.

“They will bring some investment, but I don’t think the club needs a huge amount of investment.

“It’s certainly not a Man City type bid with rich investors from the middle east. I don’t believe that’s the sort of club we are at the moment.

“What we need is to move on with a bit of good will somewhere, and say ‘look this is never going to be worth anything while you remain in control’. To that point, maybe there is something we can offer them a little bit further down the road.”

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