Messages At The Ricoh Arena - Sky Blue Trust

The Sky Blue Trust has, with the support of a generous Coventry City fan who shares our concern at our clubs current plight, purchased some advertising space on the electronic billboard at the Ricoh Arena.
Many who have been passing the stadium, along Jimmy Hill Way, will have already noticed our "Six and out" poster. 
A timely reminder of how many scheduled matches we have left before the  club potentially becomes homelessn ess.
From today, Friday  March 8th, and over the next few days we'll be displaying different messages reminding the key players in this tragic saga of the words they've spoken previously. 
Words that now fail to resonate with dismayed Sky Blues fans, anxious  and distraught at the thought that their club may not have a future.
We therefore implore SISU,Wasps and Coventry City Council to take stock of how desperate this impasse has  become and to start negotiating now to resolve this crisis.
We urge all parties to do what they Save Our Sky Blues !