Mediation Should Be Done Before March 28th

Last updated : 28 November 2017 By CNS Sport

Lord Justice Flaux has suggested that mediation should be concluded by March 28th.

The Judges at the Preliminary Hearing at the Royal Court of Justice today, have decided that Otium Entertainment Group, Sky Blue Sports & Leisure, who run Coventry City FC and the Arvo MasterTrust which has a debenture against the club, should seek mediation in their case against Coventry City Council and others including Wasps.

Lord Justice Flaux has suggested the parties provide a list of three mediators.

The mediator should be appointed by February 2nd but if the parties cannot agree on one, the court will decide on one who will aim to have the mediation all done and dusted should be around 28th March 2018.

A decision on the costs of this latest court action will be reserved.