Mediation Must Be Sought - Judge Irwin

Last updated : 28 November 2017 By CNS Sport

Justice Irwin has said that mediation must be sought at the Preliminary Hearing at the Royal Court Of Justice in the case between Otium Entertainment Group and Sky Blues Sports & Leisure who run Coventry City FC and Arvo Mastertrust against Coventry City Council and others which has been going on since 10.30am this morning.

Mr Justice Irwin is quoted by the Coventry Telegraph's Simon Gilbert as saying; “There is a long standing relationship between the parties, there needs to be working relationships in the future, it seems to me desirable that all parties go into mediation seeking to resolve all of those disputes relating to those relationships.

“That would include any future civil proceedings. It would be futile to enter meditation without considering that.

“By the end of the mediation process, if it is successful, all parties should be able to walk away with all issues resolved.

“This is a case crying out for an honest attempt at mediation.”