Loan enquiries made

Last updated : 16 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has confirmed that the club has made enquiries regarding strengthening the squad with loan players, but at the moment he is prepared to wait in order to get the right players in.

Speaking to the club''s web site, Thorn has reiterated the need to add some experience to his young side, but he want s the right sort of players who will add to the squad and not just someone to make up the numbers.

Thorn said: "We''ve made enquiries with regards to loans but at the moment it is a case of waiting to see. We have been speaking to certain clubs about the availability of players, but at the same time those clubs are also making enquiries of their own and trying to get players in so it's a case of waiting to see who they will be able to
make available.

"I''ve definitely made my interest known about certain players, we know we need to add, so now we just have to wait and see what happens."