Leonard Brody Out Of Coventry City?

Last updated : 20 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

According to the bio of Leonard Brody which appeared on the Imedia Breakthrough Convention site where, he appeared as a speaker in Henderson, Nevada over the last three days, Mr Brody appears to no longer be a Director of Coventry City FC.

The bio of Mr Brody, who heads up Clarity Digital, talks of his involvement with Coventry City in the past tense and reads as follows:

"Leonard also acts as an advisor to venture capital funds in America, Europe and Asia and 'Throughout his career, has also advised several companies including, the Associated Press, Alliance Atlantis, Derby County Football Club, Coventry City Football Club and MTV Enterprises. In addition, he was the Senior Technology Advisor to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Trade.

Currently, Leonard is a Senior Advisor to the Canadian Ministry of International Trade and a Director of Canada’s largest technology association, CATA."