It's Time To Tell, Mr Igwe

Last updated : 01 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Be straight with people from the start and it won’t come back to haunt you as my late Gran used to say and SISU would have been wise to listen to that old saying. 

To find ourselves in a situation whereby we could possibly lose our place in the Football League, if MP Damian Collins from the Government department of Culture, Media and Sport is listened to by the Sports Minister for not naming who the investors behind SISU actually are, is totally deplorable. 

For MP’s and the Football League to be demanding greater transparency from the owners of our club, shows what many of us know already and that there is plenty to worry about when it comes to SISU running Coventry City FC.

We’ve all seen the reports of SISU boss Joy Sappala in court, seen SISU’s last accounts which included a bill for unpaid tax, read on the club website and via the programme since they took over what has turned out to be nothing more than a series of untruths and latterly been searched like common criminals at the Ricoh Arena to see if we are hiding banners upon our persons or watched as Stewards acting on orders, pile in to anyone daring to protest.

None of the above gives anyone any confidence in SISU's ability to transform the future of a club which Mr Igwe is still refusing to give any formal guarantee will even exist next season.

It is not going to entice supporters back to the Ricoh Arena and not helping Manager Andy Thorn, who normally has the patience of Job with the board but felt the need to have a dig at the owners during the press conference for not giving him the funds he needs, following the draw against Reading.

All this has to stop and the sooner, Stuff your hiding behind business practice Onye Igwe, and tell those wanting to know exactly who the investors were and are and when you have admited to said investors that you have  not handled their £30 investment wisely, then the future of Coventry City can be sorted out one way or another.