It's A Two Team Race - Thorn

Last updated : 12 April 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn said that it is now a two team race to avoid relegation between City and Bristol City. 

Speaking to the CT’s Andy Turner after the Easter Championship fixtures were concluded on Tuesday night with Millwall winning at Portsmouth, Thorn said: “It’s not all done and dusted by any stretch of the imagination. 

“It looks like it’s between us and Bristol but who’s to say we can’t win all our games? I spoke to the boys individually on Tuesday and they are so positive. 

“They care so much and were all really hurting after Monday’s result but if we had lost because we were really poor I’d be the first one to admit it, but we lost because the two games in three days caught up with us and we couldn’t raise a gallop, so we couldn’t do anything about that in the circumstances. 

"We just ran out of steam. 

“When you are knackered and out on your feet you don’t do things you would normally do. You are not mentally on it and that’s what happened. I have seen it before. 

“But that was always going to happen because every team over the Easter period was able to change their team, but we’re still in there and we won’t give up. 

“If we get three points or even one at Burnley we could be back in the melting pot if things go right for us elsewhere because then we’ll have two massive home games and a better goal difference. 

“They are such an honest bunch of lads and I would never fault their effort and commitment. They will go right to the end and people who think it is over and finished are going to have a rude awakening because there will be one more twist and when that happens we’ll be right there waiting to take advantage of it. 

“We’re four points adrift but we’ve been a lot more than that and carried on playing. If we wanted to go under we would have done that ten games ago. 

“There’s four games to go and let’s let everyone think we’re dead and buried, and we’ll come back. Because if we go and get a result on Saturday and results go our way elsewhere, I know whose shoes I’d want to be in then. 

“It’s not all over yet, no chance. When I spoke to the lads this week I have not seen a more determined bunch. 

"They are ready to have a real go at it and if we do go down, we’ll go with our heads held high doing the right things, having stuck together and having had a proper battle. 

“There’s always been a determination, but even more so now!”


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