It's A Good Song - Hiwula

Last updated : 22 March 2019 By CNS Sport

Coventry City's Jordy Hiwula has said that the song that City supporters have for him is a good song.

The song which was first sung at the away game at Accrington Stanley is based on the tune of La Bamba by Ritchie Valens and speaking about it, Hiwula told City's press office: “It is a good feeling when you hear the fans singing your name and it only spurs you on to do better, so hopefully they can carry on singing my name.

“I’ve picked it up until the middle part and then it sort of fizzles out, but it seems like a good song and I can see they all enjoy singing it.




















“I’ve not had a song before in my career so it’s a good feeling when you hear them singing your name and hopefully, they carry on for the end of the season.

“I must be doing something right for them to be singing and I know Baka has got one as well, but all the boys are doing but we just need to keep working hard.

“Accrington was the first time I heard it and I was like ‘wow’ and now they’ve carried on signing it.”




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