Igwe Is A City Director

Last updated : 15 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Despite there being no mention in City's programme of the fact, accounts for Coventry City FC and Coventry City Holdings Ltd are showing that SISU's Onye Igwe is a Director of both companies.

Only Interim MD Tim Fisher, who has seven directorships including two with Prozone, a company once owned by former Chairman Ray Ranson as well as a dissolved company and Onye Igwe (or Onyechinaeduanaghaefuuzo Nnatuwereugo Igwe to give him his full name) are actual board members of the football club itself.

On the CCFC Holdings Ltd, with whom many supporters had shares before SISU demanded they were handed over, there are Mr Igwe, Mr Fisher, John Clarke and Mark Labovitch who is listed as a Consultant Strategist.

Mr Labovitch along with Mr Igwe are Directors of Sky Blue Sports & Leisure which was the vehicle used to buy the club for SISU.

With Mr Igwe being so heavily involved in both companies, the question must be why does he not deserve a mention in the club programme or is this something else being kept from supporters?