If You Want To Criticise - Become A Manager - Boothroyd

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Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has told his critics who are unhappy with his style of football, tactical decisions, the need for a 20 goal a season striker, a decent left back etc, to take their badges and become a manager themselves.

Speaking to the BBC's Laura May in an interview for Late Kick Off which will be screened tonight at 11.05pm, Boothroyd went asked about those who criticise said: "I point them to my record. "I point them to the fact that when you are winning your critics tend to be less although you always get ones that moan and you can't please people all the time.

"I like to think I know what I am doing but that is not to say that I get everything right far from it.

"But at the same time, in terms of goalscorers, I think I have the most potential goalscorers we have had here for a very long time. "Nobody can tell me that the likes of King, Platt, Jutkiewicz and McSheffrey won't score goals because they will.

"We have that bit right and I totally agree about a left back but they are like gold dust. Everybody wants to get a good, consistent let back and we have two but they have both been injured unfortunately.

"In terms of style, I don't think there is a right pass and a wrong pass. When you are building a team, you must be able to exploit the space behind and the space inbetween the team and you must have players to do that.

"But balance and variety are important but it is not going to happen in the five or six months I have been here - that takes time and at the same time I have to win every week.

"I say to those critics if there are any and I don't think there are too many as they are a good lot here. I say if you are really keen on being a manager then you should get your badges and apply for the next job as the way football is going, you might get a job you never know."

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