I Was Made To Feel Stupid By Coventry City

Last updated : 13 July 2015 By JD

I'll tell you about my experience of buying on line with Coventry City:
I tried several times over the weekend to order kit for my grand daughter, every time that I went to checkout, it kept asking me for my user name and password, it then told me that the details were incorrect.

In frustration, I phoned this morning only to be met by an operator Luv this and Luv that(not very professional)

I was advised that It was not Coventry City selling the merchandise etc. etc. and that I had to re-register etc.

I've done this and hopefully my purchase will arrive shortly.

My beef is that:
 1.The telephone manner is not very becoming... definitely wouldn't work in a B2B  environment!

2. There was nothing on the web site advising this... or have I missed something?

3. I was made to feel stupid