I Think Bellamy Will Play For Wales - Coleman

Former Coventry City manager and now Wales Boss Chris Coleman thinks that former City forward Craig Bellamy will continue to play for Wales.

There has been much talk about the Liverpool player not continuing with his international career following the sad death of Gary Speed and the appointment of Chris Coleman.

However, speaking to the BBC, Chris Coleman said: "My hunch,he's in because he loves playing for Wales. He loves Wales.

"You don't get 60 odd caps without that. And he's paid his dues."

Coleman is still waiting for a final answer from Bellamy but added: "How much do we want to go to Brazil [for the World Cup finals]?

"How much do we want to want to do well in these qualifiers? Well, if we want to do well, he [Bellamy] has to be part.

"I've told him, without putting extra pressure on him, that it's black and white, and that's the case - you're in or your out."

"It'll be for Craig to come out when he's ready and say what he's going to do."

More on this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17196579