I Can't Make Court On A Friday - Leon Best

Last updated : 09 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City forward Leon Best told Bedlington Magistrates that he is unable to make court appearances on a Friday.

The striker, who joined Newcastle United from the Sky Blues in 2010, was at Bedlington Magistrates, according to The Sunday Sun, after being caught speeding in August when he allegedly failed to give the driver’s identity.

The paper claims that Best, 'it is thought the Republic of Ireland international, was given a number of opportunities to produce the paperwork to prove the driver’s identity but failed to do so after a speed camera spotted his car speeding on August 13'.

Best spoke to confirm his name, age and address and entered a not guilty plea. A date for his trial of December 2nd was set after Best's lawyer David Deanham told the court:  “The problem is your honour my client is a Premiership footballer and he has to have permission from the club before he agrees to a trial date. “He is contractually bound to give notice to the club.”