Hyam's A Lucky Lad - Robins

Coventry City manager Dominic Hyam has said that Dominic Hyam is a lucky lad after his car crash on Wednesday morning.

Mark Robins spoke to the paramedic following the crash on the Fosseway and was at University Hospital, Walsgrave with Hyam who suffered cuts to his face.

“He was involved in a serious car crash and he was taken to hospital by ambulance," said Robins to the media this evening. 

“They looked after him really well at the University Hospital, Coventry, and I went and sat with him at the hospital until his family were able to join him.

“He’s got head injuries, cuts and bruises. He’s a lucky lad, a lucky lad!

“He rang me from the scene of the accident to tell me he wasn’t going to make it in to training and I spoke to the paramedics who were excellent. He sounded concussed and it was really difficult.

“The paramedics told me what was happening, that he was being rushed to the hospital so I left Adi Viveash in charge of the team and went to the hospital to see if he was all right.

“Thankfully he’s going to be OK but he’s not going to be available for me for a little bit of time..

“He’s got cuts and lacerations from a head injury. 

"He’s got seven or eight cuts to his head and face. They were taking glass out of his face.

“I think he got hit at 100 miles per hour closing speed, so he’s a lucky, lucky lad. But thankfully he’s OK although I think his car’s a write-off.

“It was a worrying time but thankfully he will be back as soon as possible.

“It was on the Fosse Way and a collision with one other car.

“It’s shaken him up and obviously it was really scary.”