Holloway Hits Out

Last updated : 28 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Blackpool boss Ian Holloway was fuming after his side's 2-2 draw at Coventry City last night.

The much respected manager was sent to the stands following City's equaliser through Gary Deegan when Blackpool were trying to get on Matt Phillips to replace the injured Ian Evatt.

Speaking to the Press Association after the game, Holloway said: "The fella (fourth official) was given the card, he put the numbers in the board and the referee allowed the corner to be taken.

"I was saying at the time, you can't do that, it's my centre-half, please get him on. It should have been allowed to be done.

"So when they scored, ironically where Matt Phillips would have stood, I went 'why didn't you let me put him on!' And then I get sent to the stand."

Holloway continued: "The referee is in control of the overall situation, he has told me what he felt was the truth.

"I've waited (30 minutes after the final whistle) and now I've been told something that, in my opinion, wasn't true.

"What I was told was not accurate, at all.

"There's only one person to blame in my honest opinion and the person who's on the side (the fourth official) doing his job should have done it. We did our job, my kit man gave him the number and he's already got them on his board, he's now saying that he didn't.

"I am absolutely sick and devastated because I've been sent to the stand, I promised my wife I never would again."