Hoffman Refuses To Confirm Any New Bids

Last updated : 04 November 2017 By CNS Sport

Gary Hoffman has refuse to confirm whether any further bids have gone in to buy the balance sheet item formerly known as Coventry City from Sisu Capital Limited, Otium Entertainment Group and Sky Blue Sports & Leisure.

There had been speculation over night from Dale Evans about a bid being accepted. However, Mr Hoffman told the Coventry Telegraph: “I am reluctant to say anything as all this speculation and posturing is unhelpful.

“I am not even going to confirm whether or not a further bid has been made.

“These things need to be done in private and professionally. What I can say is that the consortium remains clear in its objectives to buy Coventry City and give our club a long term, stable home in the city of Coventry.

“I hope we will be successful but can’t make any promises. If and when there is something to be said about progress (or a lack of it) I will say something.”