Highfield Road Artwork Errors Must Be Changed

Last updated : 20 August 2012 By Covsupport News Service.

One of Coventry City's historian's Lionel Bird is demanding that the errors on the artwork which now stands on where our beloved Highfield Road stadium used to be, are changed.

The £5000 piece of artwork, designed by David Davis, includes the words "Singer FC 1883, Highfield 1898, Bantams 1932, Sky Blues 1961 and a picture of a Singer Sewing Machine, which is bizarre as Singers made bicycles.

Mr Bird told the CT's Duncan Gibbons: "The sculpture is great but unfortunately, most of the historical content is either irrelevant, meaningless or wrong.

"The sculpture is a very important piece of work to commorate 106 years of Coventry City's history. The errors must be rectified.

"Not doing so would be an insult to the great players who over the years, graced the stadium's turf and to all those supporters who attended matches here, many of who still regard Highfield Road as the club's spiritual home."