Have Your Say On Parking For The Olympics

Last updated : 02 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City Council are asking residents around the Ricoh Arena or City Of Coventry Stadium as it will be known during the Olympics whether parking restrictions should be enforced for the duration of the games or for just when there are matches on.

A blanket ban of parking across a number of areas of the City around the the stadium is one idea being muted.

Shirley Reynolds, Coventry City Council's team manager for Traffic & Road Safety told the CT: "The residents parking scheme means anyone coming to visit the venue should be parking in the approved car parks.

"Either we will introduce residents only parking for the whole period or just for the eight Olympic match days.

"We just want to know if the residents have any views on it."

If you have anything to say on this, you can email trafficmanagement@coventry.gov.uk