Going Down Is Never A Good Thing - Huckerby

Last updated : 09 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City forward Darren Huckerby has said that the Sky Blues could find it tough if they were to be relegated from the Championship at the end of the season.

Speaking about the Sky Blues to the CT's Andy Turner, Huckerby who has a new book called "Hucks - Through Adversity To Great Heights" out on Wednesday, said: "Going down is never a good thing.

"It's ok if you bounce straight back but a lot of the time it doesn't work like that.

"Southampton went down and someone pumped money in but if Coventry went down would someone put more money in? I'm not so sure.

"They have a stadium at the Ricoh which is probably too big. "It is hard to get an atmosphere and I don't think it has been the same since the club left Highfield Road. When Norwich went down they had 27,000 every week and it was full.

"But no-one wants to go down because if you look at teams like Grimsby and look where they are now.

"If you have got no money and are relying on younger players it makes it even harder."