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Last updated : 08 November 2011 By Jimbo

Twist 'n' Shout prides itself on being a fanzine by the fans for the fans. It's been going now for 150 issues and is the only CCFC zine still running,

TEN issues are released a season and yes it is STILL only a quid. Ultimately it is a tongue in cheek view on all things Sky Blue. It has many different writers that contribute in every issue and a guide to up and coming away matches of how to get there, where to park drink etc. as well as a quiz on a relevant topic to that month.

We also do subscriptions which means that you can now get Twist 'n' Shout delivered straight to your front door, you can do this by paying through pay pal or sending a cheque to 'Mr J Raffell' at 51 Wallace Road, Keresley, Coventry, CV6 2LW. Subscriptions are £5/10/15/20 for 4/8/12/16 issues respectivaly, overseas prices will vary, with the 16 issue subscription you will also have a free badge sent out with the fanzine.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any futher questions regarding how to subscribe by either phone 07584484023 or email at



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