Former City Player Hendry Speaks About His Private Battles

Last updated : 21 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Former Coventry City and Scotland international Colin Hendry has spoken publicly about his personal battles following the death of his wife Denise after a botched operation.

Hendry played for Coventry from 2000 to 2001, but it was not a happy time for the former Scotland captain and he only played 11 games for the Sky Blues before moving to Bolton Wanderers.

Hendry's wife Denise died in 2009 after suffering for seven years from complications caused by a botched liposuction operation in which her who was declared bankrupt in June, said caring for his four children and dealing with the bankruptcy process was helping him turn his life round.

His wife died in 2009, seven years after a failed liposuction operation in which she suffered from nine punctures to her bowel and colon and later developed blood poisoning. Her death was due to a meningitis type infection, she was just 42.

She spent six weeks on a life support machine in 2002 following multiple organ failure as a result of a liposuction procedure at a private hospital.

In a legal battle in 2006 Hendry's legal team won a six figure sum in a damages and the surgeon responsible voluntarily applied to be removed from the General Medical Council's register.

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester the 45 year old Hendry said: "I'm not a bad guy, I've made mistakes in my life, like most people have."

He spoke about how the death of his wife had hit him hard and how he failed to cope.

"It is very cruel for someone to lose their life, she was a very happy-go-lucky lady, a beautiful woman, great mother, just the best," said Hendry. "I did drink quite a lot initially. Alcohol seemed to be a get out for me. Really there is nothing you can do, all that you can do is try to put a smile on the kids' faces."

"I gambled, not as badly as has been reported, it was a get out for me, that's what I've done wrong, as well as having a drink. Since summertime I've tried to do things the the correct way, the best I can and that is, A, look after my family, and B, work hand in hand with the bankruptcy process."

Hendry played for several clubs during his career, including Manchester City, Glasgow Rangers, Bolton Wanderers, Coventry City, Preston North End and Blackpool. He also managed Blackpool and Clyde.