Family Zone Activities For City V Walsall

Last updated : 06 December 2012 By PR

Back in our “home” after 2 games relocated behind the East Stand, we have loads for our young fans to do between 1.30pm-2.30pm, before Coventry City's home game with Walsall.

Our games consoles will be back in action – hooray!! We will have all the resources needed to make 2013 calendars and decorations. 

We hope that many will come along and make cards for the team/players and put them into our post box – let’s see if we can fill it.  We will make sure that these get delivered for you. 

There will also be a game/competition (20p per entry) and no-one who enters will go home empty handed.  The winner will be announced at 2.30pm as the Zone closes. 

The 20p entry fee will allow us to buy treats for those young fans who join us for the activities in the Zone on 22nd December.