Eastwood Get Yourself Up To Speed - Thorn

Last updated : 05 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City manager Andy Thorn has said that Freddy Eastwood needs to get himself up to speed. 

Thorn has already told the former Welsh international that he is free to find another club but the forward has missed a couple of reserve games due to injuries. 

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Thorn said about Eastwood: "Freddy (Eastwood) was out running this morning coming back from his calf injury, the second injury he's had. 

"He needs to get himself up to speed, not just for us but for himself as well. He is a good lad but I need him on the pitch, I need him putting in a shift for us and I have told him about that before. 

"Nothing has been done about it yet but if he doesn't want to do it for us then he needs to do it for himself as I have seen so many people drift out of this game. 

"You need to work hard and keep that pride in yourself don't you? I mean I would want to. 

“If anyone was sat here in my position and they had people who were on decent money and weren't contributing to the club, of course you would want to use that money. 

"That isn't slaughtering anyone, that is just fact and the way it is. No point in beating about the bush about this subject. 

"I have got a football club here which is crying out for help and I have got people not helping, of course I want help. 

"I want players on the pitch. If he comes back and he his bursting a gut and he is fit, I am not going to say to him your not playing. 

"But if you aren't contributing to the side, then surely you got to look at yourself. He is fully aware if he gets himself fit and sorted out, he would in the squad. 

"He needs to get himself right. If someone told me to go and look for another club, it would drive me on."