Eastwood: Ball Is In Their Court

Last updated : 13 February 2019 By CNS Sport

Wasps CEO Nick Eastwood remains of the opinion that the ball is in Sisu's court as to the future of Coventry City continuing to play at the Ricoh Arena.

Eastwood told Touch FM Coventry reporter Paul Bradbury: "We have made our position clear.

"Actually we made our position clear at this point last year.

"We said exactly the same, that when the time comes for the discussions to start on next season if the legal proceedings outstanding we wouldn't be in a position to start negotiations. And nothings changed from there.

"The ball is in their [the Sisu-controlled companies behind the litigation] court and they know that they have a simple decision to make and they have made it, and really there is nothing we can do at this point in time."

Mr Eastwood has expected more protests from the City support and said: "I think they have shown remarkable patience.

"But the old phrase it takes two to tango, unfortunately it only takes one to litigate and they have chosen that course of action and I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about that.

"What I would add is that the window to hear back from the Supreme Court is open.

"The appeal went, or the the permission to appeal went in at the end of November.

"They say it is a two to three month window, so we're in that window, so we hope to be able to hear from them and if they hear in our favour I suppose then hopefully we can review the situation and then the circumstances will have changed, and we sincerely hope that will be the case."