Duggins - Sisu Are Risking City's Security

Coventry City Council leader George Duggins has accused Sisu of risking the security of Coventry City Football Club.

Speaking to the BBC's Simon Gilbert, Cllr Duggins said: “Clearly there had just been a four year lease agreed on a two plus two agreement because it was anticipated that the football club would build a new ground and that hadn’t changed.

“What I would say is that the people who are risking the security of the football club are Sisu themselves and nobody else.

“I have been a lifelong supporter of the football club but at the same time I can no longer allow us to rack up the kind of legal costs that we have and I have been calling for it to stop for a long time and I am not going to change that stance because of the fact that the football club and Sisu have got themselves into this dreadful situation that they allowed and got themselves into.”