Doyle Hoping City Stay At The Ricoh Arena

Last updated : 13 October 2017 By CNS Sport

Coventry City captain Michael Doyle is hoping that the Sky Blues stay at the Ricoh Arena.

City's tenure expires at the end of this season and with moves to Nuneaton or Northampton likely to kill the club off, City supporters are hoping that a deal for Coventry City to stay in Coventry could be brokered once the current court case with Otium Entertainment Group, Sky Blue Sports & Leisure and the Arvo Master Trust against Coventry City Council, ACL and Wasps is sorted out.

CEO David Boddy, has told BBC CWR a couple of weeks ago that he hoped there would be an annnouncement before Christmas and Michael Doyle told the Coventry Observer this morning: “Things like that are out of our hands as players.

“It’s a fantastic stadium. It was built for Coventry City. It would be sad to see us leave that stadium.

“There’s nothing I can do to control that.

“Speaking to a lot of people around Coventry there’s a lot of people excited about Coventry City FC.

“I know it’s very early but it goes to show what the club is capable of. It’s great to hear people talking positively again about the performances.

“People are starting to get excited and it’s important the players are aware of that.

“Hopefully us as players can draw people back to home games because there would be nothing better than playing in front of bigger crowds.

“The crowds turning up at the moment are getting behind the team.”