Downes Sings Thorn's Praises

Last updated : 18 November 2011 By Covsupport News Service

West Ham United coach Wally Downes is looking forward to catching up with Coventry City manager Andy Thorn tomorrow. 

The pair were team mates at Wimbledon and Downes said to West Ham’s official site about Thorn: "He was a youngster coming through and he made his debut in my position in the week after I broke my leg. 

"He was a centre-half who was not blessed with pace, but he read the game very well. He was very astute and always knew when to drop off or when to step up and play offside, which was easier in those days. 

"He was a terrific fella in the dressing room, too. 

"I'm surprised it took him so long to become a manager, because he was the chief scout at Everton and Fulham for a few years and once he hadn't gone into management or coaching from the get-go, I didn't think he'd ever want to do it," said Downes. 

"He's gone into a difficult situation at Coventry where they have had to get rid of their highest-earning players and he has had to work with a young group of players. 

"I'm sure that, with the inexperienced squad he has got, they are doing well not to be detached at the bottom of the table. 

"He has got good knowledge of the game. What he needs is a little bit of backing to get a couple more players in because, looking at the ages of the players who featured in their last game, they are very inexperienced.

"Having said that, it is good to get the youngsters working for you and running for you. It's a double-edged sword and a difficult first job for Andy, but he's making a fist of it and the players are working for him."