Don't Sell Share In Ricoh To SISU

Last updated : 23 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service

63.7% of those who voted in a quick poll on this website, don't want the Higgs Trust share in the Ricoh Arena to be sold to the current owners of Coventry City FC.

Coventry City Chairman Ken Dulieu said in an interview with the Daily Mail that the owners SISU were close to finding the funds to be able to buy back the share of the Ricoh Arena owned by the Higgs Trust since the days of former Chairman Mike McGinnity.

However, the results of this poll clearly show that City supporters and in a number of cases, Coventry City Council tax payers and voters, do not want SISU to have this asset which in turn can then be used as something they can borrow money against or to gain more money from anyone wishing to buy the club, .

It is understood that Coventry City Council have the right to veto anyone who wishes to buy the Higgs share.