Deals Look Later Rather Than Sooner

Last updated : 23 January 2009 By Covsupport News Service
Coventry City now seem likely not to have either Johan Berg Gudmundsson or James McPake before the summer.

Both their clubs are playing hardball over fees and with City refusing to pay any more than they have already offered, deals looked to be later rather than sooner.

"We have said all along that we won't be bent over a barrel by anybody," Chris Coleman said to the CT. "We have agreed with the player (Gudmundsson) but his club are dancing about because they are asking for more money. But a deal is a deal and we won't give them any more, so there is a bit of a stand off there. But we are still quite confident that we will get him. I hope it happens in this window but we may have to wait until the summer."

On Livingston defender James McPake, Coleman said: "It looks like James will be coming in the summer. We have tried to do it in this window but it is not looking like it will happen. But anything could happen and don't be surprised if he comes in, but at the minute I am not holding my breath."

The City boss remained upbeat saying: "We are like anybody, we are trying to hold on to our best players and add to that, but it is not easy to do in four weeks of the window, but I am quietly confident we will have one or two new faces by the end of the month, touch wood."