Dale Evans' Message To All CCFC Fans

Last updated : 20 November 2017 By CNS Sport

This statement from Dale Evans, who has declared an interest in buying Coventry City FC, appeared on Facebook on Sunday evening.

As this is a message for all City supporters, CNS Sport are running the statement as it appears on Facebook with no tidying up of the spelling, so that you can draw your own conclusions.

"Message to all ccfc fans!

Even though I've left all forum groups by advice I can still see all your comments being said.

Negative comments will not deter myself and my consortium from what we are doing. I'm fully aware of what some of you are saying and let me be clear on this, I forgive your sceptical comments, but not those from people I sent things to in confidence that thought it would be clever to forward private messages on.

People can dig all they want, what do you think you will achieve? 

Share all you want ccfc fans but why try to destroy something we all want? Don't forget I know those of you trying to discredit me and please ask yourself "why am I doing this and turning fans on each other because of someone that we all want for the club?"

I can live a happy life tomorrow away from all this so why am i still here fighting the cause.

Do you all want me to walk away and leave sisu in charge because of what someone from my past is claiming and you've jumped to listen too? Me and my family do not deserve this so if everyone is not on board say now and I'll walk away taking all those close to me away from the whole firing line!

I thought all ccfc fans were meant to be a family but some fans chose to listen to banter and act on that against one if their own. Do you think these desperate comments from the dregs of my passed would deter me?

No! Only those who you know who you are involved within the ccfc community shitting on me publicly behind my back are wanting me to walk away from our consortium.

So ask yourselves

What do you think you will achieve?

No takeover, happy with no ground, no future?

I'll tell you now, if that's what you want then just say?"