Dale Evans Claiming To Have Made A Bid For City

Last updated : 08 January 2018 By CNS Sport

Dale Evans is claiming tonight to have made a formal bid for Coventry City via his solicitors.

Evans has posted the following on Facebook this evening


Okay, I've spouted a lot of things prematurely I will admit. But here is this, I have waited until now to say officially through my solicitors a formal offer has been submitted directly to the owners of CCFC (SISU CAPITAL) for the outright purchase of the football club within a timescale for completion to invest heavily in this transfer window. I only state this to appease all fans to ensure this offer is genuine and hope to complete a full takeover swiftly for investment in this transfer window.


If another post is to be believed then the solicitors he is using are Norwich based Clapham and Collinge and Laura Deering on behalf of SISU Capital has agreed to the sale of the club. 

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As usual, we have run this purely on the basis of providing you with what is being posted to allow you to make up your own minds.