Coleman Puts His Foot Down

Last updated : 23 January 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Former Coventry City manager Chris Coleman has put his foot down with the Wales players. 

Captain Arron Ramsey has spoken out about who Coleman, who was appointed as the replacement to the late Gary Speed last week, should have in his coaching staff, whilst former Sky Blue Craig Bellamy is again said to be considering his international career. 

Speaking to Wales On-Line, Coleman said: “I’m obviously aware of comments one or two people have made and I understand where they are coming from. But the tail can’t wag the dog, it has to be the other way around. If you just need a figurehead, why not get an actor and tell him to be the manager? 

“No, you either are in charge, or you aren’t. You’re either a number one or a number two. You can’t have someone in here either acting, or pretending, to be the manager while someone else is doing everything. 

“In fairness, Raymond has done a lot of the coaching and the players have responded. 

“But, I know football and I know footballers. They have done very well for one man who isn’t here any more. And I think some people have forgotten that. It was Gary. 

“Aaron is captain of his country, results have been good and he wants things to continue. “If he doesn’t say anything, he is accused of not caring. When he does say something, he is criticised for it. 

“I’ve already had a brief chat with him and I want to sit down over a coffee for a more detailed one. 

“But I am my own man and if something needs to change I will do that, although looking in from outside I don’t think a lot needs to be altered. 

“That said, there can only be one boss. I won’t be like a headmaster, telling players to call me ‘sir.’ 

“But I’ve never managed at a club where I let the players boss me and I won’t start here. I will make decisions that are right for the team. I won’t compromise my own beliefs just because one or two others may have a different view.”

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