Club Issue Statement Over Thorn Rumour

Last updated : 13 October 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City Football Club have issued a statement to refute the recent rumours that were evident from the club's own Facebook page last night, that manager Andy Thorn has resigned his position.

Andy Thorn told the club website:  "I would like to go on record to dismiss the speculation surrounding my position at Coventry City Football Club.

"I am as committed as ever to bringing success to the club, improving the players and the team, while at the same time playing attractive football. The squad of players is equally united in the same desire.

"The rumours that I am considering my position are both unfounded and malicious. I am not sure where they come from but they are clearly not emanating from people who love the club.

"I hope that will put to rest this nonsense and allow and players and I to get on with our jobs."