City Unlikely To Face FA Action

Last updated : 04 January 2017 By CNS Sport

Coventry City are unlikely to face any action for the whistles that were blown during the 2-2 draw with Bolton Wanderers at the Ricoh Arena on Monday afternoon.

The whistles were used in the protests during the home game against Sheffield United but some individuals took it into their heads to continue blowing them during the game against Bolton, something which has been condemned by the various campaign groups.

The use of the whistles was reported in the referees report but according to the Coventry Telegraph, an FA Spokesman said: “It was reported, but for guidance.

"It is unlikely any further action will follow.”

City are still under investigation by the FA for the pitch invasions against Sheffield United and it is hoped that the Football Association, will fully investigate ALL the reasons which has led to supporters having no choice but to take any neccessary action in what was quoted by Sky Sports as a 'Civil War' in order to try and preserve their club, rather than just concentrating on the pitch invasions.