City Trying To Bring In Senior Striker

Last updated : 02 February 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City are hoping to get an experienced striker signed and available to play at Reading, when the loan transfer window opens next Thursday. 

Speaking to Sky Blue Player, Steve Waggot said: "I am pleased - but to a point. Alex and Oliver were at the top of our list because they offer something different and give Andy exciting options. 

"We know that there were other clubs interested in both so we had to move quickly and I am pleased from that point of view that we secured their signings. 

"We had Oliver looked at when he played for Manchester United reserves against Newcastle, and the reports were again very impressive so we decided to move and were quick off the mark. He is a ball playing midfielder who has attracted some very good reviews. 

"I think we, and a number of other clubs in the Football League, were frustrated because of the lack of transfer in the Premier League meant there was precious little knock-on effect. 

Last year's window saw more than £200 million worth of deals done, while this year it was down to £58 million even taking into account QPR's roll of the dice. That meant that there was no real domino effect we could profit from. 

"We were talking to a number of Premier League clubs about strikers and will continue to do that in hope we can land someone to face Reading away from home on February 11."

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