City Issue Statement Following Relegation

Last updated : 21 April 2012 By Covsupport News Service

Coventry City are promising a major review and restructure following relegation to League One . 

The club have issued the following statement: 

"Although the season has not yet finished, we need to carry out a full and detailed review starting now. However, it's clear that mistakes have been made - and that is why we find ourselves in this position. We must not repeat those mistakes. 

"Supporters will reasonably ask whether the squad was ever strong enough after players left in the summer and whether enough was done to redress the balance within the squad. Of course that's a very good point to raise and that, along with other impacting factors, will be reviewed. 

"Our away form never came close to matching our home results. There were distractions off the field, we can't deny that. You can talk about luck, refereeing decisions and a number of other reasons and they all go into the melting pot, but we have to learn from everything that has happened this season. 

"Since Christmas, with some sensible changes made regarding the introduction of arguably the right people in the right posts - something which was not always the case - we have seen an improvement. 

"It wasn't enough to prevent relegation but it gives everyone hope that a process of planning and positive change leading to stability is underway, something Andy Thorn made reference to this week. 

"We must also remember that Coventry City have never adjusted to life in the Championship. Since 2001 and our fall from the Premier League we all believed that we should have been challenging for our place back in the top flight but, instead, the club managed just two top half finishes and battled relegation on more than one occasion. 

“In terms of the review and restructure, not one part of the club will be immune. For example, I am sure that supporters will immediately ask about Andy Thorn's future as manager, but discussions with Andy will be part of the wider review, simply because we need to look at everything from top to bottom, from Ryton to the Ricoh. 

"Following the review, we will communicate any proposed changes to our supporters. Rest assured that, we will be driven in all our efforts over the next few weeks to ensure that we have a stable, fit for purpose platform so that come August we have the best chance of making a robust bid of an immediate return to the Championship."