City Could Face Legal Action If They Go In To Aministration

Last updated : 06 December 2011 By Covsupport News Service

It is understood that some creditors will take legal action if Coventry City were to go into administration as a way of getting out of their debts.

Moves have been made by CIty's owners SISU to set up companies such as Otium, Sconset and Avro Master Trust which could be used as vehicles to have debts transferred to and then placed into administration.

However, we understand this attempt to wriggle out of paying monies owing or due will bet met by legal action by some creditors who want or need all the money they are owed,  something, which may end up costing the owners of Coventry City a lot more in the long run.

Speaking last week to the CT, Ken Dulieu, who stood down as Coventry City Chairman, said that he could not guarantee that the club would not go into administration.