City Banner And Flag Policy - Your Views

Last updated : 15 September 2011 By Covsupport News Service

Following the announcement of Coventry City's policy regarding the bringing of flags and banners into the Ricoh Arena, here are some of your views:

"This attitude to our fans is pityful, sad and so 1990''s. Modern Britain is riddled with petty ''jobs worth'' bureaucrats who draft meaningless policies to cover events and risks that never happen and produce pages of worthless drivel to defend an organisation that has lost the plot. Normally this is a Gov''t department or a Council H&S office, but now SISU join the list of unimaginative,amateur icons of incompetence.
May the day come soon where common sense returns to the poisoned minds of the desperate. The world is bonkers.
SISU just step back and as most leaders say, look again with fresh eyes."

"Make sure the next thing you write is your letter of resignation Mr Clouting."

"The CCFC Board have no grip on reaility."

"No wonder Derby and Ipswich fans are glad Paul Clouting is out of their clubs if this is what he comes out with."

"You don't own the Ricoh Arena and never will SISU, so don't tell us tax payers what we can and cannot do in our stadium."

"Thanks to SISU and the CCFC Board, we are even more of a laughing stock."

"Typical CCFC trying to shift the blame to hide their responsibilities."

"How can CCFC say they care about safety when stewards attack innocent people."

"As much as I love Coventry City, there is no way I am going back if this is the way they treat supporters."

"Why does the policy not say any banners with SISU Out on them will not be allowed as this is what it really means."