City And Sisu Seeking Legal Advice Over Dale Evans

Last updated : 08 January 2018 By CNS Sport

Coventry City and Sisu Capital are being reported tonight as seeking legal advice over Dale Evans and his fictious bids for the club.

After being asked for a comment by the Coventry Telegraph's Simon Gilbert, the Sky Blues sent a statement which said that the email which cliamed to be from Sisu's Laura Deering, who has also been a director of the Otium Entertainment Group, was a  "fabrication."

The club who admitted that no negotiations about selling the club to Mr Evans had ever taken place, also said that they and 'Sisu are seeking legal advice over the matter.'

Full club statement:

The Football Club and its owners have been made aware of screenshots of emails confirming the sale of Coventry City Football Club to a Mr Dale Evans. 

There have been no negotiations with Dale Evans, and given the lack of formal offer and proof of funds, no sale has been agreed.

Whilst we cannot comment on the authenticity of the Clapham & Collinge Solicitors’ email, we can emphatically confirm that the email showing as from a ‘Laura’ is utter fabrication. No such email was sent from SISU Capital.

Both the Football Club and SISU Capital are currently taking legal advice given the false representation by Mr Dale Evans.