City Agreeing A Ricoh Deal Remains Our Priority And Intention

Last updated : 02 April 2019 By CNS Sport

Coventry City have said that agreeing a deal at the Ricoh Arena for next season remains their main priority.

Joy Victoria Seppala, Timothy Donald Fisher and their highly investigated minion David Boddy, are seemingly the ones who can sort a deal out for City's football teams to continue to play matches at the Ricoh Arena with Arena Coventry Limited, Wasps and Coventry City Council, who are all blameworthy for their lack of efforts in the deal which every City employee, supporter and those for whom CCFC playing in Cov provides some form of income, deserves but has not been done so far.

Speaking about agreeing a deal, which many feel won't happen due to the refusal of Seppala, Fisher and Boddy to end the legals, or step away and let others carve out a deal on behalf of Coventry City first team, Coventry City U23's and Coventry City U18's who need the Ricoh for any possible home FA Youth Cup matches, City said in a press statement tonight: "Agreeing a deal at the Ricoh Arena for next season remains our main priority and intention, and we hope that all parties can come to agreement for the good of the Club, City and most importantly supporters."

If a deal cannot be agreed, then the not popular groundsharing option appears to be the way of keeping the club going that those running the club have come up with. 

The EFL survey came out strongly against this option and there will be plenty of opposition to City playing anywhere apart from in Cov as the boycotts of Northampton proved and will be something which will re-open the massive divide amongst City supporters that we saw and one that was only really halted by the Wembley appearance and victory two years ago.

CNS Sport find it abhorrent that City supporters face having to pay extra travel costs for what is classed as a "home" game, through no fault of our own and will demand that Seppala, Fisher and Boddy provide free travel from Coventry to Burton or whoever will give them a playing venue if this does prove the only option left to those running the club.

City supporters have all known for a while that City have been in talks about ground sharing and tonight, the club said: "We are in talks with other clubs about groundsharing next season, to enable the Club to fulfil fixtures if necessary.

"This is not the situation we would want, nor that our fans would want, but would enable the survival of the Club in the EFL next season and make sure our fans have a team to support."