Chris Anderson Looking To Buy A Club

Last updated : 16 January 2017 By CNS Sport

Former Coventry City Executive Vice Chairman and MD Chris Anderson has said in an interview that he would like to buy a club.

In an interview with Dutch blog de Correspondent, Anderson, who cannot talk about his time at the Sky Blues after signing a confidentuality agreement said: "Football has not been developed. It is essentially remained a working class sport and industry. "

Asked if he could get a club to do things differently, using more analysts etc, Anderson said: "That was my plan before I went to Coventry, and now we're back to Plan A. Those investors remain interested. They are football followers and people who invested earlier in sport. We were already close to a takeover of a club. Which club? I can not say.

"We are looking at not a very big and well-known team, a modest team, for example in League One or League Two in England. Or a club in the Netherlands and Belgium. "

Asked why not start a new club, Anderson said: "I love the culture and the traditions of football. So I would always opt for a 'real' club that is rooted in the community. [...] It must be just the right thing, at the right price and the right opportunity for success. "

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