CCFC Why Not Address Your Open Letter To The Owners

Coventry City Football Club, following your open letter today, do you not think it would be a good idea to send one to the club’s owners?

Your open letter which basically was this is our stance but you need to compromise and if CCFC go to the wall, it’s all your fault, was frankly aimed at the wrong people.

David Boddy, you were appointed with the day to day running of Coventry City when Tim Fisher decided that “Mossel was safer than Foleshill” to coin one of Mr Fisher’s phrases and we feel that surely,  unlike the Coventry Telegraph who were banned by the owners from the training ground due to their Sisu Out campaign and not likely to get any response from them or City supporters whose voices have been ignored time and time again by the owners,

a), You must still communicate with Mr Fisher to some extent over day to day matters, he still writes a column in the programme for example and

b) Therefore, you are the only one in a position likely to be listened to by Coventry City Chairman, Otium Entertainment Group and Sky Blues Sports & Leisure director Timothy Donald Fisher plus Laura Deering and Joy Seppala in order to get them to negotiate with their shareholders and curtail their legal action thus allowing the Sky Blues to have the future that they deserve post May 2019.

Wasps’ take on the situation is entirely understandable but with Nick Eastwood saying they would consider letting CCFC approach them “if the legal action was ended by the courts or by SISU, and the EFL allowed time – by possibly stretching its deadline”, there appears a glimmer of hope and one that needs acting upon by you, Mr Boddy.