Boothroyd Convinced City Will Recover

Last updated : 09 January 2011 By Covsupport News Service/RD

Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has spoken candidly about the rough patch his side have gone through over the Christmas period, but remains convinced that his side will recover the early season form that saw them spend much of the season in the top six.

He says he thinks he knows the best team, but admitted this might change as the season progresses. He also knows where he needs to strengthen the squad and is on the look out for a couple of quality loan signings during the January transfer market.

Boothroyd was in philosophical mood when he said: "When the seas's a little bit rough you find out about people. That's the time you've got to stay calm and focus on what you're doing. I'll certainly do that and I'm sure everybody will as well. I am desperate to do well here because the club deserves it, the fans deserve it, everybody deserves it, but deserving it and getting it are two different things."

"Every Coventry fan will have their idea of what our best team is. I've got a fair idea myself, but although you write down your team at the start of the season you usually pick a different one around the half-way mark and a different one again at the end."

"I have a settled team in my mind, but I think we are still growing and can get better as individuals and as a group. I keep using that word progress because the situation can change so quickly either way that it's vital you keep things in perspective, think of the big picture."

"I know what could make us stronger so when this time of year comes around you want to make sure that you keep all your best players and look to see where you can improve. When the dust settles you analyse it a little more clearly and I just think there are things we need to improve upon."

"We have had injuries and suspensions like everyone else but maybe not dealt with them as well as we should have done, there are a few things I think we could have done differently. All things considered I think we have done OK, but where we are in the table we're two wins away from being a play-off team and two losses away from thinking we might be in a bit of trouble."

"If we are going to put a run of wins together, which we are well capable of doing, we have got to get back to the fundamentals, by which I mean the ugly little things that allow us to get the ball and when we get it, ensuring that we keep it rather than giving other people the chance to attack us."

"We have proved, particularly in the first half against QPR, that we can be outstanding. We did well against Norwich with ten men and the list goes on where we have made really good decisions, but against Barnsley I thought we became a team who wanted to get rid of the ball the quickest, and that's not what I am about or what I want the team to be about. That takes confidence and bottle sometimes, when things aren't going your way to step up and be prepared to make a mistake."

Looking to the second half of the season, Boothroyd is keen to add some steel to his squad and confirmed he is on the look out for a couple of Premiership quality players despite the inherent risks .

"It can be a real boost if you can acquire some Premier League quality but because of the seven subs rule we have these days you know that players can be recalled at any time," he explained.

"I had that problem with Adam Johnson at Watford where he came in for three months, did absolutely wonderfully and helped us move 13 points clear at the top of the league, but then he went back, we sold a couple of players and suddenly you're a different team."

"We do have certain people we think can add to the party but they've got to be of the right character."