Boddy Failing On Staff Training?

Last updated : 28 July 2017 By CNS Sport

Staff training and keeping staff informed of the latest products is an important factor for any company but it seems that it is an area which those running Coventry City on a daily basis seem to not be proficient at as they should.

This was sent to us by a supporter who went to the ticket office at the Butts Park Arena today to try and take out the seasonal membership which was advertised on the club website on Thursday morning.

“I went to the office down the rugby club to buy a membership. The woman had not heard of it! So I showed her the club website link.  

“I paid on my credit card. She wanted to know what you get for membership. Again I showed her the link.

“ I asked her would I be sent a membership card. But she didn't know!”

City’s ticket office manager Shelagh Brock is on holiday and totally exonerated from this.

However, the question remains as to why the member of staff (and City’s ticket office staff have a difficult job as it is), was not informed that the memberships were going on sale and what supporters can expect if they buy a membership.

Basic staff training and the provision of information concerning things staff members may be asked about, from those running the club on a daily basis, would have ensured that the member of staff was not put in that position and the supporter got a better service with her questions answered properly and for that not to have happened is not acceptable in a business such as a professional football club.

If this poor treatment of staff is indicative of the way things are going under the charge of CEO David Boddy, then we again have no choice but to join the calls for him to be removed from Coventry City FC as soon as it possible.





NB, CNS Sport take no pleasure whatsoever in running this article. We have run it in the hope that those running the club on a daily business think about their staff a lot more and give them the proper tools to do the jobs they are paid to do.