An Interesting Email

Last updated : 28 March 2017 By CNS Sport

For anyone bothered about Flag-gate and who was responsible for dropping the size of flags that Coventry City supporters can take into Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

Here is an email from Coventry City's current Head Of Communications, clearly acting on orders, to the Coventry Telegraph on March 24th after the newspaper asked the Football League, not CCFC, if flags with "Sisu Out" on them would be permitted, which we have run so you can make your own minds up on who to blame if you cannot bring your flag to Wembley due to the change in sizes, unless you fancy going through a load of red-tape.


The size of flags that Wembley Stadium say can now be brought in, have been reduced from 250cm to 100cm or three feet across in old money and this came into force from yesterday.

Those who have bought flags from the club are now ok, as these are now exempt.