25 Things In Football That Could Be Changed

Last updated : 20 June 2017 By PT

1 Fixtures to only be announced after the television companies have decided which matches they will be showing live and all agencies have agreed the date of matches. That way apart from postponements, supporters can book their time off, travel etc at the earliest opportunity.

2 Anyone who has been the subject of a league at any level edict advising clubs to have nothing to do with them or an FA ban, or has been dismissed by a club for fraud etc, be prevented from having any role in football at any level.

3 The amount of mark-up that a club can put on a shirt be fixed and standardised to prevent supporters from being unduly ripped off.  

4 All clubs to look at having safe standing areas in their stadiums.

5 The fast tracking of referees to be scrapped unless a referee proves without a doubt that he/she should be officiating at a higher level.

6 Clubs to trial allowing supporters to drink alcohol in view of the pitch.

7 Supporters to have access to information about them which the club has shared to police, stewards etc.

8 A standard admission price in each division of the Football League to be brought in.

9 Managers, players etc allowed to speak freely during pre-game and after match press conferences.

10 Clubs be banned from using the term “Undisclosed fee” following a transfer and state the fee paid in a bid to improve transparency.

11 Clubs able to sign or loan players throughout the league season.

12 The number of people actually inside the stadium given as the attendance rather than the number of tickets sold at all matches.

13 Long trips such as Carlisle V Exeter to be played on Saturdays. Matches ideally should be played on Saturdays during the opening weeks and closing weeks of the season.

14 All clubs to provide smoking areas for home and away supporters.

15 Extra Time and replays in all cup competitions to be scrapped.

 16 Manager’s or players who indulge in match rigging or the fixing of a result at a game where an admission fee has been charged, to be fined and face suspensions.

17 Those who operate food and drink kiosks at stadiums to consult with supporters prior to a season commencing over their menus and prices.

18 Club owners and directors to be held accountable if their actions are proven to have led to pitch invasions or matches being delayed or abandoned.

19 Managers found guilty of encourage their team to time-waste to be fined and face possible stadium bans.

20 An increase in prize money in the FA Cup up to Round Five and League Cup up to Round Four to benefit the smaller clubs., with a reduction in prize money for the later rounds

21 All night league games kept to a bare minimum.

22 All clubs to lobby for an improvement in transport links so supporters can get home from matches, especially night games.

23 Premium seat charges to be outlawed. To sit in a one stand should be one price,.not a numbe of different prices.

24 Clubs to make available the Director sets of accounts to shareholders, stakeholders etc on request

25 Clubs able to make public their team from 1.30pm instead of 2pm.




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