Free Rides On The Coventry Market Roundabout

Last updated : 20 January 2011 By Tencton Planet Promotions

Roll up! Roll up! Free rides on the Market Roundabout!!!

What goes around comes around, and that's so true for Coventry Market, because after some extensive mechanical refurbishment, the famous Coventry Market Roundabout is back up and running.

It's now being run and funded by the Market Traders with support from Coventry City Council. The roundabout has burst back in to life following trials over the Christmas period and best of all, the roundabout is now free for the children of shoppers to enjoy until they get dizzy, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

It's hoped that the free rides will attract young families who are finding things economically tough at the moment. Indeed the Market is becoming more and more popular because of its low food prices and it's often the children's little luxuries like a ride on the Roundabout that are the first things to go when tough choices have to be made.

Step up the Traders and Managers of Coventry Market who are not prepared to see the city's children go without a ride on the Market's famous Roundabout. The free rides are being paid for by the Market Traders who are raising funds to pay for its upkeep.

Brian Sexton Manager of Coventry Market said "It's great to have it up and running again. New electrical and mechanical safety systems have been installed as well as energy efficient lighting and a new music system so the Roundabout is running, looking and sounding better than ever, but best of all, it is now free". It's envisaged that the roundabout will be free for at least the next twelve months and for as long as the traders can keep raising money to keep it going after that".

The ride sadly closed down last year after the previous operator could no longer afford to do the much needed repairs.

Councillor Bigham said "The Roundabout is an important feature of the Market and the City; it holds fond memories for so many of the people of Coventry. Now there's no reason why every girl and boy in the city can not come and be part of the many generations who have ridden the Roundabout over the last 50 years".